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Huntington Traffic Solutions specializes in Access Rights, Driveway & Site Design, Project Management, Land Use Considerations, Facilitation with Local and State Agency staff and Training.

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Del brings a wealth of valuable perspective in working with developers and jurisdictions to reach successful resolutions to complex traffic engineering and planning dilemmas. Del has gained this experience from nearly three decades working in the public sector, including eighteen years with ODOT. He has spent the last thirteen and a half years as a consultant, with most of the work supporting new and existing retail developments, and as a sub-consultant in the development of access management publications. This experience in the public and private sector provide Del with the insight to understand what is necessary to successfully entitle a project, while ensuring adequate access and site circulation solutions for the site, while remaining mindful of the local and state agency needs. A clear understanding of the various perspectives help Del develop solutions that ultimately result in livable communities.

Experience Summary

  • Principal, Huntington Traffic Solutions, 2009 - Present
  • Associate Planner/Project Manager, Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Portland, OR, 2003-2009
  • Access Management Program Manager, ODOT, 1993-2003
  • Transportation Planning and Design (including two years in the Bicycle/Pedestrian Program), ODOT 1985-1998
  • Roadway Design, Survey and Construction, B.C. Ministry of Highways 1974-1984


Project Management

  • Del has managed and directed numerous projects for large and small developments throughout Oregon, the western states and Mexico. This work includes;
    • initial site visits to determine feasibility from a traffic perspective,
    • review and provide recommendations to the project team on access and site circulation, including considerations for pedestrians, cyclists and transit,
    • work with local and state agencies to develop a scope of work for the Traffic Impact Study (TIS),
    • provide facilitation with the local agency traffic and planning staff regarding the proposed development, appropriate and reasonable System Development Charges, site impacts and mitigation measures.
    • oversee the development of the TIS and develop reasonable mitigation measures,
    • provide testimony on anticipated traffic impacts and proposed solutions to the local Planning Commissions, City Councils and Neighborhood Associations, and
    • review traffic related on-site mitigation measures during the construction and final completion of the project.
  • Del has considerable expertise in the review of existing development sites to identify mitigation measures to improve on-site circulation and access, while considering the needs of pedestrians and cyclists within the site.

Access Management

In 2010, Del was hired as a consultant by ODOT to facilitate a process between agency staff and external stakeholders to address and revise existing access management statutes to reach compliance with SB 1024. Del oversaw and facilitated the work of the main committee and 6 various sub-committees to develop proposed revisions to the access management standards and processes to satisfy the complex requirements of SB 1024. This assignment took a year to complete and resulted in text in SB 264, approved and signed into law in 2011.

  • Del managed and directed the Access Management Program within ODOT for 10 years and has been responsible for developing policies for the Oregon Highway Plan.
  • He worked jointly with university professors to develop the research and science that became the foundation of the state policies in Oregon.
  • Del has been instrumental, within Oregon, in developing policies on highway classification and spacing standards, medians, interchange access management areas, deviations and appeals.
  • As a consultant, Del has supported Pinal County AZ., with the development of an access management program for Regionally Significant Routes within the County.
  • Del has developed an Access Management Plan for ODOT though a developed section of downtown Astoria OR.
  • Del developed an Access Management Strategy for a section of ODOT highway within Clatsop County, OR.
  • In working with developers across the western states, Del understands the need to ensure safety and reliability to the roadway network while providing acceptable access to adjacent development.

Transportation Planning and Land-Use Planning

  • Del managed the Corridor and General Planning Unit at ODOT prior to becoming the Access Management Program Manager for the State.
  • Del has led the development of transportation plans, transportation modeling and analysis, and corridor plans.
  • His experience includes the necessary traffic analysis and mitigation measures to address and support proposed land use changes within Oregon’s complex process.
  • Del has led the development of urban plans to support and implement a System Development Charge for local governments, allowing communities to recover the cost of roadway capacity improvements as new development occurs.

Multi-Modal Planning

  • Del participated in the development of the original Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan for the State of Oregon. This plan identified when and how considerations for cyclists and pedestrians are incorporated in the planning and development of the transportation network.
  • Del’s work in the program also resulted in Oregon’s first statewide Bicycling Suitability Map.
  • Del developed a cyclist’s corridor analysis and Bicycle Plan for US 101 (including all the alternate routes). To accomplish this, he rode his bicycle approximately 900 miles to obtain a cyclist’s view of the conditions and to identify immediate and necessary improvements, signing needs, and prioritization of major projects.


  • Project Sub-Consultant: Del served as a sub-consultant to Oregon State University in the development of NCHRP 3-99, Access Management Application Guidelines (AMAG).
  • Project Sub-Consultant: Del served as a sub-consultant to the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), University of South Florida, in the development of NCHRP 15-43, Access Management Manual 2nd Edition, published in 2014.
  • Project Principal: Del served as the Principal Investigator for a Technical Summary "Access Management in the Vicinity of Intersections", for FHWA. The document was published in 2010.
  • Project Panel Member: A2-20 (which resulted in NCHRP Report 420, “Impacts of Access Management Techniques”)
  • Project Panel Member: SP 20-5 (which resulted in NCHRP Synthesis 233 “Land Development Regulations that Promote Access Management”)
  • Chair: Administrative Elements portions of the National Access Management Manual, a publication of the Transportation Research Board (TRB), 2003
  • Chair: 4th National Conference on Access Management for the TRB, in Portland Oregon, in 2000.
  • Principal Investigator for the NCHRP Synthesis Topic 35-06, “Access Rights,” published in the fall of 2005.


  • Developed “Road Trip”, an inter-active role play exercise to help participants better understand the various and competing interests in developing capacity for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, together with safety and access management solutions along a roadway corridor.
  • Del has provided lectures at Oregon State University on a regular basis. He has also conducted training at other universities in the state and across the nation.

Relevant Publications

  • With Jerilyn Wen. NCHRP Synthesis 351 – Access Rights National Highway Cooperative Research Program. National Academy of Sciences, 2005.